Following the Governments recent announcement I would like to reassure clients that I have decided to continue operating as I have throughout the pandemic. I shall continue to wear a mask throughout your treatment and will keep my current booking system in place to avoid overlapping clients. Could I ask that you arrive prompt at the time of your appointment, as this helps me to keep the system in place. 

You do not need to wear your mask to come into the Salon, however that decision is yours entirely. Finally, I will no longer need to ask you to submit a consent form prior to your appointment.

 My aim is to continue to keep you safe and most all relaxed in the Salon environment. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me on any of the details below.

Thank you for taking the time read this message and I look forward to seeing again soon.

Take Care and be safe

Amanda x 

Contact details;

Salon number 01162788090

Mobile Number 07419374645