Dermalogica skin care products are researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute, which provides on going training to all fully qualified therapists. Dermalogica researches their products to a very high standard and ensures they do not use any ingredients that have a negative effect on the skin such as artificial fragrance, alcohol, which can cause severe dehydration and comedogenics ingredients, leading to breakouts and comedones on the skin.


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Face mapping skin analysis was researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute and takes skin analysis one step further. It allows us as therapists to identify your skins concerns and also to give you an understanding of why you may experience certain conditions such as dehydration, breakouts, ageing and pigmentation.

Dermalogica, Face Mapping in Leicester


Teenage Facial   30mins   £23.50


Tried everything on your spots? Dry, Oily and Irritated all at once? This is the facial your skin needs. Cleansing, clearing and calming all in one simple treatment using Dermalogica clear start range.

Dermalogica Microzone Treatment   30mins   £23.50


Dermalogica Microzone Treatment, leicester

This treatment is ideal for those of you are who are not very time rich or need a pick me up in between facials. It is designed to target very specific skin concerns.

Dermalogica Microzone Treatment, leicester

Dermalogica Prescriptive Treatment   1hr   £46.00


Dermalogica Prescriptive Treatment

Unlike traditional facials this facial is exactly what it says. Following your face mapping skin analysis we will carry out your facial using suitable products to your skin at that time on that day.



What more could your skin ask for other than a facial like this one every day! Your skin is double cleansed, exfoliated and professional extraction is carried out if needed. This is then followed by a wonderfully relaxing pressure massage on the face, neck and shoulders using one of Dermalogicas beautifully blended aromatherapy additives. A mask is applied and finally we finish off with an application of toner, eye product, serum, moisturizer and spf. Your skin will look and feel heavenly.

Dermalogica Age Smart Treatment   75mins   £54.00


AgeSmart skin kit 2016

Just when you thought the prescriptive facial was for you, now you have the Age Smart facial. With signs of ageing being a concern to all of us at some time, this facial could be the one for you. Age Smart is Dermalogica’s advanced anti-ageing system, containing a powerful multi-vitamin complex for those of you who are serious about treating and delaying the signs of ageing such as dryness, lines, sagging skin and dullness.


The Age Smart treatment is carried out with exactly the same routine as the prescriptive facial but uses the more advanced products, from Dermalogica’s Age Smart line. Your skin will look visibly smoother, younger and refreshed.

Dermalogica Medi – Bac Clearing Treatment   75mins   £54.00Female Face Treatment, Dermalogica Treatments


With adult acne on the rise, Dermalogicas Medi-Bac range of products and facial are here to help you take on this epidemic. Using Dermalogica’s uniquely developed range of Medi-Bac clearing products this facial targets the specifics of an acneic/breaking out skin. In addition to your deep cleanse and exfoliation at the start of this treatment, a lot of the time is dedicated to a professional extraction.

The aim of this is help lift out blockages and leaves your skin looking clearer. Your treatment is finished off with an application of an oil control lotion and spf.