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With over 70 years combined experience The Amethyst Trust was founded by John and Sandra Holman in 2010 to meet the needs of people who have experienced cancer and are seeking massage, relaxation and pampering therapies in Salons.

Experience  has shown that regular massage for people with experience of cancer can:
• Lead to improved physical and emotional confidence
• Help people to express their emotions and deal with anger
• Help people experience a new sense of hope and positivity
• Help develop a greater acceptance of their emotional and physical circumstances
• Reduce isolation and reduce fear
• Reduce nausea
• Restore a sense of balance and wellbeing
• Provide a sense of calm
• Reduce symptoms of pain and discomfort
• Improve sleep
• Help people feel special

Massages for Cancer patients

Please contact us at the Salon to book a private and confidential consultation before booking a massage.


45min Treatment   £30.00

1 ½hr Treatment   £45.00

Please note that 10% of the treatment charge is donated to Amethyst Cancer Trust

Massages for Cancer patients